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The Wonders of Laminate


Laminate as a building surface was pioneered by the Formica Products Company in 1930 from their headquarters in New Zealand.

It was such a revolutionary product that its use as a decorative surface quickly spread worldwide.


The Parsons Plastic Company was one of the first adopters of the material in the US serving the Midwest and Chicago from its Indiana base.

Colorful, durable and cigarette-proof, Formica® Brand Laminate become a popular choice for the interiors of cafes and nightclubs, as well as railway cars and luxury ocean liners like the RMS Queen Mary.


During the post-warboom, sales of Formica Brand Laminates reach $24 million and the Company advertises vigorously to promote designs such as Brooks Stevens’ iconic “Skylark” pattern. Raymond Loewy Associates creates the Company’s “Sunrise” line and Prince Sigaard Bernadotte of Sweden, the classic “VirrVarr” pattern.


Finally, Formica Brand Laminates become a symbol of modern lifestyles and the Company begins to build a worldwide presence. Formica Corporation also continues to emphasize design, establishing the Design Advisory Board and organizing “Surface and Ornament,” an exhibition of ColorCore® laminate artwork that debuts at the Art Institute of Chicago.


Bill Parson now uses other prominent brands in addition to Formica, such as WilsonArt and Panolam.




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