Miracle Monday!

“We were calling it “Miracle Monday” and were all happy!  Good, those people at Parsons do very nice work; Your reputation with us is outstanding to say the least!



Foremost Attention to Detail

“The Parsons group have installed many laminate details or provided actual counters for several [of our] locations statewide. We have found them to be not only very reliable, but an excellent group with quality and attention to detail foremost with their services.

Thanks again to both of you for the excellent work on our facilities; Bill Parson Counter-top’s has lived up to their usual excellence!”

— Michael B.

Texas Department of Public Safety



Hired Again Anytime!

“It has been a pleasure working with you and your hard work and friendship are much appreciated.

You would be hired again anytime.  Thank You Again.

— Bruce T. , Midland, Texas



Wonderful Job!

“Thank you for the wonderful job, Bill.  You and the crew really made me happy.”

— Janice K. C. Austin, Texas



Whenever Anyone Needs Counter


“Thanks. Will keep you in mind whenever anyone needs counter


— Chuck and Sherry, Georgetown, Texas



Coming to the Rescue!

“I want to thank ya’ll both for coming to the rescue. I’m forever grateful to your family.

May the grace of our Lord and Savior be grace to and upon your family throughout all the future and remain in your hearts always.”

— Jimmy U., Realtor Austin, Texas



Looks Great!

“Thank you so much for the beautiful kitchen. It looks great!”

— Celia B.,  Round Rock, Texas

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